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In depth profiles of some of our grads. Read about their journeys of starting a new career in tech, why they chose to go with Codify Academy, and where they are now!

Provided you are prepared to work hard and study, you’ll be basking in your success soon enough


Like a lot of professionals my age, I jumped from job to job without ever finding a position that utilized my ambition or my talents. My goal was to invest in a career that would be rewarding, challenging, and full of opportunity. I found the answer at Codify Academy.

These days I am living up to my full potential, creating templates and modules for various design themes at AdTaxi. After trying marketing, project coordinating, and other endeavors, I am so grateful that I took the first step toward fulfilling my goal.

With no coding experience, only a desire to improve my finances and work remotely, I stumbled upon and ad for Codify Academy on Facebook. It struck me as the sort of school that was accessible to a broad range of experience and education. While talking with the advisors, I was inspired and convinced that becoming a coder was not an impossible dream. I didn’t even consider other schools after that. I was sold.

Because I had never shown much interest in the technological realm, my friends and family were surprised that I was attracted to this field, but they remained very supportive. Witnessing their excitement for me as my passion for learning increased was very uplifting.

As much as I enjoyed my learning experience, it required plenty of discipline. With all the new information to absorb, it was imperative that I challenged myself daily and committed to mastering the concepts.

To those of you starting this process, I can testify to what I quickly learned: your reward is definitely a result of your efforts. If you are prepared before each class meets, you get the maximum out of your time. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. One of the best things about Codify is its staff. Their teachers are dedicated to your success, and want to fully equip you with all the knowledge and confidence required, so reach out if you need assistance.

Take advantage of your school time to reinforce development skills sought after by employers and don’t hesitate to dip your toe in the job market. You will thank yourself once you realize how much competition there is.

Once the job search begins, you must remain positive and be proactive. With the vast variety of outlets needing coders, job seekers should be open to all possibilities. Even if you aren’t enthusiastic about an opportunity, give it a chance. Interviewing is an highly effective means of networking, which is critical.

During my search, I learned to utilize helpful resources, such as Linkedin and projects on Github, and Codepen. Accompanied with an outstanding portfolio and resume, maintaining a presence on these sites will draw the eye of recruiters and employers. The right job will come along, it might just require a few mediocre ones to propel you in the right direction.

With my current position, I am enjoying a significantly larger paycheck and savoring the daily challenges. Having a stimulating career that I earned and enjoying the security of the being part of the technological community is a well-deserved reward for the obstacles I overcame and the labor I invested.

Making a career change is intimidating, especially in a field in which you might have little or no experience, but it’s not as daunting as it seems. If you are motivated, that’s the first step. With Codify Academy, you can take it one day at a time. Provided you are prepared to work hard and study, you’ll be basking in your success soon enough.

Raquel Lorenzana
Front End Web Developer at Adtaxi

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How I went from working four jobs just to pay rent to now being able to enjoy my free time!


In 2004, I graduated Colorado College with a degree in sociology. That qualified me for nothing. Seriously, I had an expensive education, which prepared me to teach, research, wait tables or return to school for more expensive education.

Instead, I took to the road, spending seven years as an ice hockey referee, in towns like Omaha Nebraska and Tulsa Oklahoma, scaling the ranks of minor professional hockey in route to the NHL. However, by 2011, the NHL was no longer as interested in me as I was in them.

Since then, I've had a number of jobs: I coached high school and collegiate baseball, refereed division one college hockey, tended bar and pitched media for a PR firm. After working in public relations, I was pretty overwhelmed by the constant conversation in an office full of extroverts. It felt impossible to get anything done amidst all the talk. So I wanted a change.

For me, coding represents a career where I can work independently, while part of a larger team. In addition, web development offered me the shortest/cheapest path to a high-income job. To be a successful coder, you don't need a masters degree or 10 years experience; you just need a few months of really hard work to get up to speed.

After doing my research, it felt like ‘trade-school education’ for a ‘white-collar paycheck’. Finally, and just as importantly, I saw the flexibility to work from home and work unusual hours. Developers typically carry their computers and can be productive anywhere. I like the idea of working from Tahoe or Yosemite or anywhere else.

So, from the perspective of workflow, finances, and flexibility, coding was appealing from the start. My family was optimistically ignorant. Without knowing the first thing about the process to become a web developer, they were encouraged by my desire to take up a profession sought after by today's modern economy. My girlfriend works in tech. So she was thrilled about the prospect of greater income and joining her field. But I had no experience in coding whatsoever. To be perfectly honest, that was one of my biggest concerns before taking Codify Academy classes.

I'm pretty cynical when people talk about good jobs with minimal time investment. So it was important to me to speak with the teaching staff, recent graduates, and founder of codify academy Matt Brody to get the “small print”. Really, I needed to know the actual time investment, different class structures, etc. Lastly, I was interested in hearing which students are successful and which are unsuccessful. Once I could see myself in the Codify environment, I felt comfortable enrolling in their classes.

I also looked at Hack Reactor, App Academy and General Assembly. Traveling three times per month and working four jobs didn't leave enough available time to enroll in a traditional coding bootcamp. But I needed the structure and accountability that comes from regular classes and assigned homework. Codify academy was the best that met all these criteria.

The most difficult aspects of learning to code to me are the time commitment, and the unexpected problem-solving. The languages themselves aren't particularly difficult to understand, but practicing them takes time. It’s not easy carving out 20 to 30 hours per week to code. But falling behind in class was a death sentence – you'll never catch up. So, whether it was two in the morning, two in the afternoon, too long, or too hard, I put in the work.

If you’re on the fence about Codify, make sure you have at least 20 hours in your schedule to devote to homework in addition to the time you spend in classes. If you don't have that time now, you won't have that time later. Also have another means of income in case you don't get hired right away. You'll need to sustain yourself while you apply for jobs, following their classes.

The hiring process was like being “chopped”, fired, and voted off the island every day for six months. Nobody tells you why you're not getting an interview, so you blindly change your cover letter, resume, and portfolio, like you're swinging at a piñata in a dark cave.

It is clear to me now that a great portfolio will get you hired faster than a great resume/cover letter. Portfolios with live websites, numerous projects, and strong development get more consideration. Knowing this, I would have started building my portfolio earlier, and been more strategic about my homework with the long-term goal of my portfolio in mind.

I don't yet have the flexibility I want out of this profession. And I'm not yet up to speed at my new job. But I hope that, within a year, I'll be able to do what I want, when I want, for a steady income. Instead of waking up, working four jobs, and wondering how I would pay the rent at the end of each month, I wake up every day, go to work, and enjoy my free time!

Dan Dreger
Software Engineer at Rally Health

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From teacher to web developer, this is how I did it


After working as an English teacher and traveling the world, I decided to make a drastic change in my career. Now I am a junior front end web developer at, updating webpages and building landing pages. Most importantly, I am part of a growing company with the power to bring us all into a new age of technology. Here’s how I did it:

While teaching abroad, I was successful, I even became the head teacher of my international school in Beijing. However, I knew that I’d have to improve my technology skills sooner or later if I wanted to stay ahead of the curve. Teaching did not offer me enough opportunity and I was ready to be a part of the growing technological world.

Though I had no experience with coding, I was drawn to the industry with its endless possibilities. Plus, the casual lifestyle, ping pong tables, living in San Francisco, and beer at work all sounded very appealing! After seeing an ad on Facebook, I decided to call to find out more information. Before I knew it, I had been accepted into the program.

Without fully understanding the concept of coding, my friends and family were impressed that I had the courage to take on a new career. Once I showed them a website that I had created, they had a better grasp of what I was doing. Having that portfolio really gave me confidence in myself and confidence to show others what I could do and that I had the potential to be successful.

Before deciding to apply at Codify Academy, I considered programs at San Francisco City College and San Francisco State. Luckily, I found Codify and saved myself the vast expenses and student loans that accompany those types of programs.

Along with its affordability, Codify’s reviews were excellent, especially regarding their approachable instructors. After speaking with the students and staff, I got the feeling that it was an atmosphere in which I would feel comfortable asking questions and growing.

Though Codify exceeded my expectations, making a drastic career move brought its fair share of challenges. Having come from an educational not technological background, I felt as if I were learning a whole new language. I was in a foreign environment with a new vocabulary. This was especially challenging when applying for jobs. As I labored through this process, I became more familiar with the technical jargon.

Knowing that I was competing for jobs against more experienced coders was intimidating, but the staff at Codify was there to help. They offered assistance with my job search, finding openings that they felt would be a great fit for me. Along with improving my vocabulary, thanks to my mentors at the academy, I kept in mind that I had additional skills to offer, including my communication skills and my eagerness to learn. I received plenty of “no’s,” during my job search, but I saw each interview as a learning opportunity and eventually I got a “yes!”

After considering all the trials, challenges, and obstacles I faced during my studies and job search, I definitely feel as though it was worth it. Now, I work with an amazing team and have a great job with plenty of room for growth and opportunity. My new venture has been so successful, that I recruited my wife who is now coding and has her own website. The only regret I have is not collaborating on more projects with my classes. Though the program was great, the people really made my experience amazing.

I have exceeded my own expectations by succeeding in an industry that was unimaginable prior to entering Codify Academy. I highly recommend thier classes with thier student-centered approach. It was key in making this change possible.

Catherine Estella-Blackstock
Jr. Front-End Web Developer at

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How I went from being a delivery driver to a developer at a tech startup


Though it might seem impossible to imagine a delivery driver, possessing only the most basic programming skills, to become the web developer at a late-stage tech startup in San Francisco, that is exactly what I did.

Making deliveries paid the bills, well some of the bills, but my real interest, where I invested my time, and had budding skills and talent was in technology. I felt at ease on the web, navigating social media and improving my programming skills as I went. Learning code seemed like a natural progression for me. I realized that if I expected to have a career in technology, with the luxury of working remotely, I needed to take a step in that direction.

I did have a few hesitations and I wondered if this new venture would really pay off in the job market. But because Codify is so affordable, it made my decision much easier. Other selling points for me were that Codify offered a strong focus on web development (my area of interest), and the schedule for their classes was flexible, allowing me to continue working full time.

With any rewarding endeavor, there are obstacles. For me working full time and trying to learn a new skill in a house full of roommates was my greatest struggle. Luckily, the teachers and staff at Codify had open office hours and offered me plenty of support on those late nights when I ran into an issue or had a question. They understood that most students are not on a regular schedule, making my experience less stressful.

Finding a job was the next challenge in my journey and I became discouraged at times, just like anyone navigating the job market. The difference was that this time I had the professional skills to be considered as a serious candidate. Possessing that knowledge was my key to getting through the door and eventually gaining a great position.

If you are considering Codify Academy, you are definitely on the right track, but do not expect to be an overnight success. Your dedication along with the amount of time and energy you devote to learning the material will determine your results and give you the confidence you need once you enter the job market. Trust me. No one is offered a dream job right away, but all the rejection and disappointments will eventually lead you to the right position and you will gain knowledge with each experience.

Given the chance to go back, I would have applied to a greater number of jobs, as many as possible. I also would have invested more time learning the material. With coding the amount of information to learn is endless and it’s all valuable. It might seem like overkill at the time, but you will thank yourself later.

I am so grateful that I made the decision to change my future and that I chose Codify to walk me through it. They made the experience fun yet focused. Using their methods, which make difficult concepts simple and attainable, led me to where I am today. A few years ago having a great job with benefits and stock options seemed out of reach, but that’s my life now. I have a broad professional network, confidence, and a sense of professional security that I had not previously enjoyed.

Don’t procrastinate any longer if you are evaluating a change. There is a better life waiting for you, full of opportunity and optimism and devoid of roommates! All you have to do is take the first step and be prepared to put in the work.

Chris Summers
Web Developer at Anaplan

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Your journey isn't simply about a paycheck


Would you believe that an assistant manager at Nordstrom’s and part time college student could become the web developer on the E-commerce team at Charlotte Russe? Following my desire to solve the world’s problems led me to engineering and development. But once down that road, I discovered there were a variety of paths to choose from. Most intrigued by the computer aspect, I veered in that direction.

Because I was already pursuing a BS in computer science, the transition to Codify Academy was fairly organic. Even with my family being somewhat skeptical, I did not get distracted. I know that when I want something, I go after it with 120% and I strive to succeed every day until I hold the prize in my hand. I could make this happen!

Choosing Codify was simple, in that the schedule correlated with my current school and work hours. Even after researching other bootcamps, such as Hack Reactor, App Academy, and Coding Dojo, Codify remained at the top of my list with its affordable classes and flexible schedules.

Throughout the process, Codify continued to reaffirm my decision with its excellent resources. Most bootcamps are unwilling to offer additional aid to struggling students. While juggling work and school, I was overwhelmed at times and found the support I received from the staff just the encouragement I needed.

Not only do the their teachers and mentors provide help with the class work, but they are also dedicated to success in the job market. It was obvious to me that they were just as invested in my success as I was.

Trust me, when you are in the thick of the job search, you will be grateful to have the resources and the emotional support. Searching for a job was one of the most mentally exhausting endeavors of my life; it’s almost like a full time job. After four months of studying, investing in my tuition, tailoring my resume and cover letter repetitively, I was rather discouraged by the continuous rejection. Often enough I would be thrown a morsel of hope with a phone screen or onsite interview, which provided the boost I needed to keep trying. “It only takes one,” I kept telling myself.

Even though my family was concerned that I did not have a job upon graduation, Codify had my back. They checked in with me regularly and offered indispensable resume and portfolio tips and advice. They were not about to let me give up. After assisting with countless other students and their job searches, they knew the rejection would be tough, but they also knew, as I did, I worked hard to get this far.

Armed with the skills acquired at Codify I was able to secure my current role and I am now a valuable player in the market. The best part is that my value will continue to grow as I build on my foundation of education with experience.

If you are a prospective coder, I advise that you try some basic tutorials to determine if it is the right fit. If it is, take the next step by enrolling in Codify Academy classes where you can go from zero to sixty.

It’s a journey of growth and discovery. Connect with the alumni and you will be able to witness real results like mine. I have been so much more satisfied with my life since graduation. Without Codify, I might have possessed desire, but I lacked focus and direction. My journey is far from complete, and I am excited to find out what is around the next corner.

Dylan Nguyen
Web Developer at Charlotte Russe

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I landed an incredible role only two months after graduating


It sounds obvious, but it’s always been clear to me that technology is the future. What wasn’t so clear, before Codify Academy, was how I would be a part of that future. While working at an unsatisfying job in tech operations, I started teaching myself code, but soon realized that if I wanted to be taken seriously in the world of programming professionals, I needed a serious plan.

Having so many friends and family members employed in technology motivated me to pursue my education. It was great having all their support, which inspired me to journey forward.

Codify Academy provided me with essential skills and the legitimacy to gain my current position as a UX engineer/lead product designer at Great Bowery in Manhattan, New York.

After spending months researching coding schools with online and onsite programs, I confidently chose Codify. Their flexible schedules was an attractive feature for someone like me who is unable to attend classes 40 hours per week, which is required by most coding bootcamps. Plus, I wanted to be a front end developer, not full stack, which I could easily pursue at Codify. Based on the multiple reviews I read online, it became clear that this was a results-oriented school with a solid reputation.

Once I had the school decision behind me, the workload aspect became real, which demanded serious self-discipline. Forcing myself to sit down every single day and code was tough. It can be tedious and requires frequent practice. My desire for a brighter future kept me going.

Like any student, I made mistakes along the way. Though I completed all my projects, at times I stretched myself too thin and neglected to fully master some of the basic concepts. I was distracted by looking ahead and taking on advanced material, which resulted in me having to go back and relearn.

When you face obstacles, remember Codify offers tons of resources. Although I wasn’t able to utilize all of them, because of my impending move, I benefitted from the guidance provided on how to market myself as a developer, which was vital.

Becoming a coder is not something you should approach casually. If you are not fully committed and invested, you won’t be successful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely attainable, but not without effort and constant momentum, especially in the job market.

Searching for a job was like being on a roller coaster, made more challenging by being a new resident of New York. My strategy was to apply to anything and everything and to build as much as possible, ensuring that my potential was obvious to prospective employers. Professional experience takes time, so invest it in your portfolio. Along with mastering code, it’s also beneficial to have a few other tricks up your sleeve, especially during the interviews. My ability and interest in design set me apart from candidates who leaned solely on their programming skills. Fortunately, I landed an incredible role only two months after graduating.

My life has drastically improved since I enrolled. Thanks to Codify, I now live in New York as a UX engineer. In that role I have been able to demonstrate my value as a designer for the company. Everywhere I look doors are opening and I finally feel as though I have control over my career.

Yes, technology is the future and designers and developers are steering the ship forward. Codify was a game changer for me and I am happy to be a part of the crew. There’s always room for more, so climb aboard, but only if you are serious.

Tiffany Stewart
UX Engineer/Lead Product Designer at Great Bowery

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I am a part of building something that I believe in. Turns out that it wasn’t too good to be true


As a salesman, I quickly found that the paychecks were unreliable and the success rate was unpredictable. I needed a change, but at this point in my life, I really didn’t have the time or money to invest in a new career. I started hearing rumors about how profitable the coding world was and that I could earn a diploma through a bootcamp instead of a full fledged university. Surely this was too good to be true…

With minimal coding experience (I had dabbled in Rudy) I was mostly motivated to start a new career in programming by the financial pay off. However, I remained somewhat hesitant, unsure about the likelihood of employment. As I spoke with the staff at Codify Academy, my fears were assuaged. Not only were they confident that they could assist me in snagging a great job, but they were also so responsive, assuring me that it wasn’t all talk. They really cared about my success. Not to mention that I was able to enroll part-time, which alleviated my other uncertainties.

Once I was in the process, I really began to enjoy myself. Even though I initiated my education strictly for the money, I found that the problem solving was surprisingly satisfying. Plus, the teachers at Codify were amazing in that they go above and beyond. They have a passion for guiding new developers and they have created, what I am convinced is, the most effective classes for equipping future coders. At Codify I was able to build a solid foundation for my career.

Don’t get me wrong; there is hard work to be done. No one can make you a success except you and that requires an internal fire and desire to transform yourself. Read everything you can, ask a million and one questions, code, code, code, and code some more. All this will not only make you a more desirable candidate for job hunters, but will provide you with confidence in your skills and your own marketability.

It’s impossible to know everything when you complete your schooling. Sure there are concepts I wish I had a stronger mastery of, but coding is truly an iterative process, which is the best part about it. There’s always something more to learn or improve on.

Whether you know it all or not, there is no escaping the interviews! What was the hiring process like? Just imagine sitting on a cactus for an hour. For me, it was about that pleasant. After sending approximately three hundred resumes, I was offered maybe fifteen interviews. Luckily the mentors at Codify coached me along and provided me with useful advice, which eventually led to several offers.

The most important aspect of marketing yourself is having a unique portfolio. From my current position, I have seen a plethora of digital clocks and zodiac predictors. When I do, they go straight into the rejection pile. If your resume is in a stack of hopefuls and you want to stand out, make your own projects.

With the most difficult challenge, the job hunt, behind me, I can now bask in my financial success and the prestige of being a “smart person.” I guess I fooled them! But seriously, if I can make this dream a reality, that means it is attainable. I’m spending more quality time with my family and living more comfortably than I ever have. Most importantly, I am a part of building something that I believe in. Turns out that it wasn’t too good to be true.

Nate Hargitt
Lead Front End Developer at Covertly

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This is how I landed a developer job and quadrupled my income


It seems like a lifetime ago that I spent my days dreading all the monotonous tasks involved in sales, convinced that I had more to offer. Yet, today I am enjoying the professional life I always desired as a software engineer at Cisco Systems. How did I make the change and become who I knew I could be? By enrolling in Codify Academy classes.

The idea of coding might seem intimidating, but even with only a few years of experience; experience that was self-taught, I was able to gain entrance into the academy and pursue my dreams. After falling in love with programming when I was in college, I never stopped investigating those concepts. I even wrote a side scrolling platform. I realized it was time to get back to what I loved and make it a real career, not just a hobby.

Once I decided to make the career change, I was focused. I kept my head down and my eye on the end result. The first step was choosing the right school for me. After weighing my options and evaluating schools such as App Academy and Grid Iron, I wasn’t convinced. I was looking for a program that was affordable, but also offered the curriculum that I knew would be most useful to me in the professional world. Codify checked all my boxes.

As a student I was emerged into the coding world and at times felt overwhelmed by the need to learn everything at once. I made the mistake of trying to learn too much information or languages simultaneously. Now I can see that it is best to master one concept at a time. It might seem daunting, but if you concentrate on a single subject each day, you will master them all before you know it.

When you do feel overwhelmed, don’t forget to lean on the staff at Codify. They are there to guide and encourage the students and that is exactly what they did for me. Whether I was trying to master a task or I was searching for a new job, the teachers and mentors offered invaluable support. They really helped me believe in myself, providing me with the confidence to keep trying and eventually succeed.

For me the job search was less challenging than I’ve heard it is for others. My background in sales gave me an edge. Although your knowledge and skills gained by graduating from Codify Academy will get you in the door, I would advise you to sharpen some additional skills and talents too, so that you stand out as a potential candidate.

Using my coding experience and education, combined with ability to sell, I was able to land a great position and quadruple my income. Codify Academy has provided me with the last piece of the puzzle in making my career in technology complete. To all you future coders out there: Don’t procrastinate! Yes, you will face obstacles and you might be discouraged, but I promise you will not regret the decision or the hard work. Go ahead, take the plunge!

Daniel Lopez
Software Engineer at Cisco

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Choosing Codify to engage the process has been one of the best decisions for my professional life.


Before enrolling at Codify, I was an IT technician, without much programming experience, but I knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger. I wanted to build something truly amazing and inspirational. Since graduating, I now build Wordpress themes and maintain and update websites for clients at a digital marketing agency called OptiRev. This transition didn’t come easy, but I could not be more satisfied with the results.

With the small amount of coding I picked up at and my motivation to improve my career, I began my search for the right training ground. Other schools and bootcamps that I researched were not convincing. I wasn’t confident that their programs would prepare me for the job market. That’s when I discovered Codify Academy. Not only did this school have an impressive job success rate for its students, it also offered part-time program classes, which is a huge selling point for those of us balancing work, family, and school.

Once I started the different classes, it was clear that it would take some time to hardwire the skills I needed to be an effective web developer. I had to learn patience with my learning pace and with taking care of my other responsibilities. While trying to learn programming, I was also trying to make sure my own children completed their homework. Managing a household and school work can be stressful, but the support I received from my teachers and mentors alleviated much of that. Anytime I had questions or issues arise, I knew I could call and be assisted by someone on staff who was just as invested in my success as I was.

The effort isn’t over once you graduate. Next comes the job search: interviews, rejection and all that comes with it! My perspective might be unique in that I actually found this process somewhat enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong; it was challenging, but I stumbled upon great opportunities to meet people and gain knowledge with each interaction.

I realize that when you are in the search, you can get discouraged. My advice would be: Don’t be afraid to offer your services pro bono. It’s a great way to gain marketable experience and hone your skills, preparing you for the position you really want. This is how l started my career, and now recruiters are actually calling me! How great is that?

Now, my whole family is benefiting from my hard work and my new found career. Along with my friends, they had nothing but praise for me after finishing school and seeing my vision through to the end result. In addition to earning a significantly higher paycheck, I have noticed that I receive more respect from my peers as well. That respect along with the pride I have in myself is priceless.

Deciding to change my career and choosing Codify to engage the process has been one of the best decisions for my professional life. I can honestly say that there is nothing I would change. I know there are individuals out there who are stuck in the same place I was, wondering if it’s possible to improve your finances and have a rewarding career. I am proof that it is possible. Give Codify Academy a call, check them out. You will quickly find, as I did, that you are in good hands with the Brody Brothers.

Moe Himed
Web Developer at OptiRev

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Take the leap and enjoy the ride!


After graduating college, I quickly learned that I needed to improve my income and find a career that piqued my interests and challenged me. But what would that be exactly?

As a tech-savvy individual, I had always been interested in how software was made, improving apps, and programming user-friendly websites. Though my background was not in coding, I had taken some coding classes in the past and still felt drawn to those concepts. With all of this in mind, I decided to put my idea into action.

After researching other schools, I decided Codify Academy was the best fit for me. The part-time schedule was the most influential aspect. Although changing careers and going back to school might seem daunting, the program allowed me the flexibility to take care of my obligations, while investing time learning about a new career and preparing for that change.

Along with the convenience of Codify Academy, they also offer quality material, giving their students an advantage when competing for jobs. I was always supported by excellent mentors, who took the time to ensure that I was successful with my studies and projects. There are plenty of costs in making a career change; the affordability of Codify Academy made that aspect of the change easier.

One of the main obstacles I encountered as I navigated through the program, was time management. With any big life changes there are challenges, but the reward was definitely worth the effort I invested. Instead of dreading going to work each day and stressing over paying bills, now I am challenged every day and have greater financial success. I finally have a career that allows me to learn something new instead of enduring the monotony of a dead end job.

Finding the right job wasn’t easy, though. Just like my career change, it came with its own set of challenges. After working a few contract jobs over the time span of about eight weeks, I finally landed a full-time position. Much like the investment in my schooling, the contract jobs were the stepping stones to finding the right permanent position.

I know there are many prospective coders out there intimidated by the obstacles in their paths and unable to see the final product. To them I would say “keep grinding!” It might take some time, but eventually all the pieces will fall into place and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Don’t be discouraged with your job search either. There were times when I wondered if the right company would ever give me a chance. Apply to as many as openings as possible, giving you more options. It only takes one great organization to see your skills and give you the opportunity.

When you need assistance in your search, remember, Codify is there to provide it. From emotional support, to resume and cover letter workshops, this program will be there every step of the way, ensuring your success.

If you are considering this career move, my advice would be to stop procrastinating. As a codify graduate with no regrets, I say “take the leap and enjoy the ride!”

Patrick San Juan
Front End Web Developer at Freedom Financial Network

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From driving Lyft to buying a house: How coding has changed my life!


Before coding, I was working as a Career Resource Aide at Skyline College and driving for Lyft on the side.

Working in a career center in the Bay Area, you realize how many jobs there are that require some programming skills and they usually pay very well. I told students to consider this as a career option and thought, 'Wait, maybe I should be taking my own advice!' Part of my job required me to update our content management system at work and when I saw all the HTML behind the scenes when a woman from IT was showing me how to edit a page, it sparked my curiosity. I spoke with a friend who was a web dev who further got me hooked by having me do small HTML updates to customers' sites. My curiosity eventually led me to Codify!

I picked Codify because it offered class schedules that worked with my life: I had two children at the time and was working two jobs. There was no way I could afford to commit to a full time course.

Besides finding time to complete all the work, grasping many of the concepts we went over in class were difficult. My largest obstacle was probably my self-doubt, though. I kept questioning whether I could make it, if I would be good enough, or if I was too old.

Was it worth it? Hell yeah it was. I'm now doing a job I love with people I respect and have fun with while creating some interesting and challenging projects used by people around the nation.

The job search process was, well, difficult. I went on many interviews, coding challenges and rejections before landing where I am. I would advise any job seekers to realize that they will be applying often and getting rejected a lot. This can hurt your spirit but you have to maintain focus on your goal and drown out the negative thoughts from yourself and others. Eyes on the prize!

Codify helped me tremendously in the job search process by first giving me the confidence to actually apply when I didn't think I was ready.

The mentors have also helped me craft a cover letter and resume. Remember, I said I worked at a Career Center, so you figure I'd be a pro at those things... not so! Sam took a red pen to my work and had me come up with something much more engaging.

I had no previous experience with coding before Codify... My friends and family were wary of a bootcamp promising a new job in such a short time and thought it might be a scam. After I received a job before the program ended, they were shocked and excited for me.

My advice to prospective coders is to try some free courses online like Codecademy and see if this is something you really want to do. If you are getting into coding just for the money, you likely won't be very good. This job requires life-long learning and the desire to keep up with the fast pace at which web development moves. If you don't really like coding, you really won't like the fact that you are kind of expected to keep up with the latest trends, frameworks, etc. outside of work hours. I've never met a (good) coder who doesn't actually enjoy it as well.

If you're on the fence about joining Codify, I'll tell you that there is no perfect time or perfect program that will come along.

People who are always waiting for the perfect moment, will always be waiting, while those that are the doers, the risk takers will be making progress towards their goals and new careers.

Since graduating, I stopped driving for Lyft, got a job as a web dev, began doing some freelance work on the side and bought a house!

Looking back, I wish I had entered Codify earlier to begin my new life sooner :)

Brian Jenney
Web Developer at Grocery Outlet

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Coding Means Self-Empowerment -- Work From Where You Want, When You Want!


I wanted to learn how to code to so I could be more independent - from the locations I worked from to the hours I put in. Also, I wanted to increase the amount of job opportunities I could choose from. At the time in my life, I had worked almost 10 years in business management and felt uninspired by the possible career steps ahead of me.

Coding to me feels very self empowering and self liberating. I can fully benefit from our digital economy while being my own boss. The more hours you put in, the more money you make, and in a shorter amount of time. Your personal growth is exponentially aligned with your income.

I was intrigued by the thought of being able to just build whatever I could dream up. I wanted to be a code magician!

When I started Codify Academy, I did not have any previous experience in coding. I played around with some HTML/CSS on before, but I did not do well, nor did I particularly enjoy the exercises. I just didn’t understand how these simple lines of code would help me learn how to build actual applications. So I put this whole endeavour on ice until I ran into Sam from Codify, who told me about his school.

I liked that Codify is a small school, and that the founders are self-taught coders, with backgrounds in shitty jobs. Their story is refreshingly authentic, their intention felt genuine.

I loved what that they can share what they have learned along the way of becoming a developer. I looked at App Academy, Hack Reactor, General Assembly and Dev Bootcamp -- none of them felt as authentic and genuine as Codify Academy. The Brody brothers, or “Brodify” as I like to call it (haha), are just really good people. So I chose to go with my intuition!

Also important to me was that the entry barriers to Codify Academy are low. I wanted to be able to just start right away instead of spending weeks on preparation and interviews. I wanted to jump right in and see how it goes without putting myself at too much of a risk. I wanted to be able to keep my job so I could pay still rent in SF.

My tech friends applauded my Codify plans right away, whereas my family was more skeptical

I studied Supply Chain Management and had been working in Business & Operations for 7 years, in big corporations as well as bigger and smaller startups. Excel spreadsheets were my JavaScript, basically, lol.

For my family, the thought of a career change when I had already built a previous career just didn’t seem like a good idea to them. They wanted me to be safe and settled. Also, the idea of transitioning into a better paid job right after 16 weeks of learning how to code just seemed to good to be true.

And it was indeed hard work! Obstacles I needed to overcome where to have trust in the curriculum and mentors. That when they say I’ll be able to get a job after, I will. I also stopped comparing myself to others.

I needed to learn how to be at ease with being aware of all the things I know and don’t know. Accepting the fact that as a developer, you’re just never done learning. Frameworks and languages evolve so fast.

The hard work was so worth it though. I don’t remember much about my life before coding anymore, honestly. When I look back, it seems like a distant memory of just not being happy, of being bored, and of encountering limits of what I can do and create.

My advice to prospective coders would be to not expect to understand the full picture of how it all works together right away. Just keep repeating the syntax and do all of your exercises! It will all make sense eventually. Have trust in your own abilities.

Codify has been incredibly supportive in my growth. I received a ton of pep talks. Coffee and food provided by Codify kept me going. 24/7 texting support to get unstuck when I wasn’t on campus was always reliable and lifesaving.

Right after graduation, I worked for a company called Blue Rocket in the Financial District, building apps for bigger companies like AAA. After that, I freelanced for a while while traveling through South America. Then Matt and Sam asked me to join their team! Since then, I’ve been automating most of the businesses processes we have behind the scenes, using IBM Watson (Conversational AI), Node.js, AngularJS and just plain JavaScript! It’s been great to be able to apply my skills and work at the organization that shaped my life so significantly and gave me the ability to create whatever future I want.

Looking back, then only thing I would have done differently is to learn to code earlier. There is never a good time to change your life. So you might as well just do it! Ever since I graduated, I feel so free and creative in what I can do with my life!

Kristina Traeger
Software Engineer at Blue Rocket

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