Our Story

7 years ago Sam was a door to door insurance agent, Matt was a locksmith dispatcher and Chris was a server. We were tired of feeling left behind: Our Story.

Have you ever blinked and found yourself 5 years into a dead end life?

7 years ago Sam was a door to door insurance agent, Matt was a locksmith dispatcher and Chris was a server. We're the Brody brothers and that's where we were when we found coding.

We had no trust fund, no relatives in high places, and seemingly nowhere to go.

This is how we changed everything.

“But wait...are you really brothers?! You don’t look alike.” We hear this from students all the time. So here you go:


L: Chris Brody, 30, homeschooled, spent 7 years at community college trying to get his Associate's degree but kept dropping out because the classes were too boring and not useful. Waited tables for a decade and was tired of not getting promoted to bartender. So he started to learn how to code.

M: Matt Brody, 31, BA in Political Science (couldn’t get a job in with it, not even in DC, lol). He decided to move to China, taught English, learnt Mandarin, then moved back home after meeting the love of his life :) Still wasn't able to find a job. So he became a locksmith dispatcher. Hated it. Started to learned to code after work.

R: Sam Brody, 32, dropped out from tradition education after elementary school. He started taking college classes later only to drop out again in the first semester. He just couldn’t learn from lectures. Became a door to door insurance salesman. Someone gave him $300 to build a website, so he started coding as well.

The three of us do not have backgrounds in computer science, we are not child prodigies. Honestly if you ask anyone other than our mom, we are not particularly amazing at anything other than giving ideas a shot.

That's what we did, we spent 2 years giving coding a shot. It didn't work. We didn't get it, no matter how much we banged our heads against the wall, it never clicked.

Then…something wonderful happened: we met a guy named Tewfik (Too-Feek), the most life changing Algerian we have ever met. He became our mentor, and he changed our lives, like really changed, in a master splinter ninja turtles kind of way (could you imagine the turtles without karate??).

Within 6 months we were all working developers because of Tewfik’s guidance. We could go to him for questions, for help, for tears, he was just there for us. This is what the three of us want for you, for people who know they are not at their full potential to realize it. We had each other, we had Tewfik and now you have us.

We’re the only coding bootcamp that is family owned and not funded by outside investors (we actually started with a $25 ad in craigslist). Without investors who are motivated by money we can focus on individual student success.

Our classes are for people who want to work their butt off to change their life, not the trust fund kids, not people already making $100k+ that are bored, not the people who think it would just be fun to try coding, that's not who we are. 7 years ago we were just 3 broke guys that needed a leg up and somebody to believe in us.

Now it's our chance to believe in you.

We would love to hear your story!

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