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Our mission at Codify Academy is to "Get Students Hired". That's why Codify's Power Hiring sessions, 1:1 interview prep and job search assistance are included in your tuition. Starting in week 1.

Our Mission at Codify Academy is to “Get Students Hired”

That's why we have built a jobs program that will provide everything to get you hired as quickly as possible.*

*Our current school record is a student who has received a job offer as early as week 4. Just leaving this here... :)

Our jobs program trains in you how to:

  • Get the interview:

    We teach classes built around creating an amazing portfolio, resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

    During the course you’ll build awesome projects for your portfolio to get noticed and hired.

  • Nail the interview:

    Not everyone is born a gifted sales person, and in the interview you're selling yourself.

    We’ll teach you how to build an interview framework so you won't be desperately scrambling around for answers during interviews.

  • Excell at your new workplace:

    When you get that first job you're awash in awesome feelings, then you wake up and realize you are about to go into a job you have never done before. We have you covered there to. Come in to learn what you need at magic hours and talk to your industry mentors about work challenges.

    You are always part of our community from the very start of your journey to years into your career.

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Q. How much is the jobs program?

Our jobs program is included in the course tuition. Learn more about our tuition and financing options here.

Q. When does the jobs program start?

The jobs program starts in week 1. It is integrated in the 16 weeks curriculum. Learn more about our course here.

Q. When does the jobs program end?

The jobs program doesn't end until you get hired. We hold you accountable for the number of jobs you apply to per day for as long as you get one.

Q. What makes the jobs program effective?

We personalize your job search. We teach you how to apply to the right jobs for you.

Q. How do you prep me for interviews?

We train you in how to answer the most commonly asked questions and how to tell your story effectively.

Q. How much do grads make?

Current statistics show that hired grads make $90k on average.

Worried you won't get hired?

We want to hear your concerns!


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