The Course

16 weeks, flexible hours, hands-on classes instead of lectures.

Designed For People with Crazy Schedules

This course is designed for people who have to work or parents with crazy schedules.

We dont want you to quit your job or forsake your child to do our program. :)

Here's what you need to succeed:

  • 3 hours in class on a weeknight or weekend, for 16 weeks.
  • 7 hours of quiet time a week to code, at home or at our school.
  • 1 on 1 mentorship whenever you get stuck

What you'll learn

These are the fundamentals you'll learn during our 16 weeks program. But really, students often pick up additional stuff like React or Node.js - once you know the fundamentals you can quickly expand your knowledge!



Responsive Design

Twitter Bootstrap






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No previous coding experience neededSchedule A Call!

Class Lectures Suck, We Make You Code Instead!

Class lectures suck, it’s a lot of talking and almost zero learning and it’s also crazy boring.

So we set that whole dumpster on fire and built something that works, a flipped classroom!

Read this cool Harvard article that backs us up.

This is how our flipped classroom works:

You watch and code along with videos at home in your free time. Class material is available 24/7 through our online learning platform.
In class, you will be working on exciting hands on projects with the help of your mentor and class mates.
Keep on building projects during the rest of the week, get immediate feedback from your mentor and help that keeps you accountable and motivated.

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Lifetime Membership to Codify Academy

Once you’re done with your 16 week class you join Codify Magic Hours for free.

These are optional classes we teach twice a week, available to all of our graduated students free of charge. We want to keep you on the cutting edge of new languages, frameworks and tools that will increase your salary as a developer.

Once you enrolled for a class, you get access to our very active community on Slack! It's our communication platform and your lifetime access to Codify Academy. Reach out to mentors, ask a question to all students and be up to date on what's happening on campus!

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