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16 weeks part-time coding school for beginners. Get started today with only $1000 down!*

*a majority of our students take advantage of our 100% approval guaranteed loans, you'll get approved no matter what your credit score is.

Worried you can't do this?

Here are 3 stories of successful students with no background in coding whatsoever

With hard work and study, you’ll be basking in your success soon enough

By: Raquel Lorenzana
Front End Web Developer at Adtaxi

My goal was to invest in a career that would be rewarding, challenging, and full of opportunity. I found the answer at Codify Academy.

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I used to work four jobs, now I am able to enjoy my free time!

By: Dan Dreger
Software Engineer at Rally Health

To be a successful coder, you don't need a masters degree or 10 years experience; you just need a few months of really hard work to get up to speed.

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I landed an incredible role only two months after graduating

By: Tiffany Stewart
UX Engineer/Product Designer at Great Bowery

My life has drastically improved since I enrolled. Thanks to Codify, I now live in New York as a UX engineer and lead product designer.

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Our Course is Designed Around Getting You Hired

  • Flexible Schedule: classes around your time
  • Small classes of 12 students max
  • Hands on training: Build Projects every week
  • Hiring program starts in week 1
  • Course content built around what companies are hiring for
  • 1 on 1 mentorship when you need it
  • Start for $1000 Down

No previous coding experience neededSchedule A Call!

How It Works

Codify Academy's student journey from applying to getting hired. 6 simple steps!

Schedule a Call

First, you'll schedule a call with one of our admissions mentors and learn more about what we do to get students hired.

School Tour

Take a tour of our campus, learn our teaching methods, how the jobs program works, and more about the payment plans.

Choose a Payment Plan

We have 3 flexible payment plans to choose from, no matter your credit history or income, everyone is approved guaranteed.

16 Week Class

3 hrs hands on class a week for 16 weeks where you'll build projects and get guided mentorship in a small setting of 12 students.

Jobs Program

You'll craft your portfolio, resume, cover letter, linkedin. You'll learn how to properly apply and interview with one on one training.

Get Hired

Land your first developer job and come back for training, advice, guidance and encouragement. Take unlimited classes for free.

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Our Jobs Program

The 3 steps to getting hired!

Why the Codify Academy Hiring System Works

The 3 steps to getting hired

HR and recruiters are scared of hiring new developers. It's difficult to grasp whether you're a nay or yay. You'll build a portfolio, resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that makes them want to bring you in for an interview.
There are thousands of open coding jobs, you can realistically apply to 5 a day. We make sure you apply to the right ones at the right time.
Build an interviewing framework that let's you answer questions in the best way possible without having to stumble around desperately looking for the right words.

What students say


Zero to Hired Package. All the classes you need to get hired.

In Full

$8,800 total cost

$11,000 full tuition

- 20% discount

total to be paid upon sign up


$1,000 per month

$11,000 full tuition

10 monthly payments

0% interest

$1000 down upon sign up

Education Loan

$248 per month

Starting at $248 per month

Interest rates starting at 8.9%

Payment period 12 to 48 months

100% approval no matter what

$1000 down at sign up

Introduction To Web Development

You'll learn the fundamentals of web development and build projects using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and other poplular libraries.

Javascript Programming

Become the ultimate problem solver and learn to conquer the world of JavaScript. Build amazing web applications that will help you stand out.

Job Placement

Follow our step by step process to go from learner to hired. Work one on one with hiring mentors as you apply and interview with companies.

Ready to change your life?

Learn how Codify Academy can fast track you to an incredible career you'll love!

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We’re tired of seeing people left behind: Our Story

The three of us do not have backgrounds in computer science, we are not child prodigies. Honestly, if you ask anyone other than our mom we are not particularly amazing at anything other than giving ideas a shot. That's what we did, we spent 2 years giving coding a shot. It didn't work. Until we met our mentor. Within 6 months we were all working developers because of his guidance. That's why 1:1 mentorship is the key concept of our program.

7 years ago we were just 3 broke guys that needed a leg up and somebody to believe in us. Now it's our chance to believe in you.

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Our Codify Family

Here are our student's best friends, therapists, career counselors, coding pals...and everyone who is making Codify Academy so awesome.

Sam Brody

Hiring Mentor

Matt Brody

Program Manager

Chris Brody

Community Mentor

Courtney Vigo

Admissions Mentor

Kristina Traeger

Software Engineer

Nicholas Saephanh

Student Mentor

David Nelson

Student Mentor

Evan Winston


No previous coding experience neededSchedule A Call!

Frequently Asked Questions

We hear these questions a lot. If it doesn't answer yours, get in touch!

Q. How much is it?

It's $8,800 total if you pay in full before the class starts. Otherwise, it's $11,0000 and you can pay using our $1,000 down education loan (all credit scores welcome!), with interest rates starting as low as 8.9%, over a period up to 48 months. The third option is to pay $1,000 upon signup, then $10,000 over a period of 10 months, without interest.

Q. I have never coded before. Can i really start from scratch?

You don't need any previous experience to take our course. We start with the basics. Most of our students have zero experience coding and still get hired. There are so many open positions previous experience does not play a huge role in the decision. Most of them list years of experience as a requirement, but when you apply they overlook it because there are so few candidates.

Q. I have a bad credit score. Can i still get a loan?

Absolutely. We work with a company that is specialized in providing education loans to anyone enrolling in our school!

Q. What makes your school different?

Three things: First, our course is designed to fit your schedule. Second, our commitment to get every student hired. Third, anyone can enroll, independed from credit score and previous experience.

Q. Do you guarantee a job?

While we're starting to work with you on your hiring skills in week 1, we can't guarantee you'll get hired because so much of that is based on how hard you work and actually follow our advice. The good news is that the odds are in your favor. 95% of our grads are hired within 6 months of graduation:).

Q. Where is the school?

We have two locations in SoMa in San Francisco. Our main campus is at 535 Mission Street.

Q. Do you have online or offline classes?

Our courses are both in person and online. We require 3 hours in class on a weeknight or weekend and min. 7 hours of quiet time a week to code, at home or at our school.

Q. Do you teach backend development?

We are focusing on front-end during the course, however there are (free!) additional classes available for you to pick up some backend magic!

Q. I want to build mobile apps. Is that what you teach?

We don't specifically cover iOS or Android App Development in class, but we have mentors who can show you how towards the end of the course. If you only want to learn Mobile Web Development though, we do cover that in class!

Q. How do I apply?

In a nutshell, we do a phone meeting, then once that is complete you do the in-person meeting, no coding challenge or IQ test, lol. It's super Breazy :). Just get in touch with us!

Q. Where do grads work?

Our students get jobs all over the place, from Apple to Uber, and a lot of smaller companies too :)

Interested in applying?

We're going to call you in the next 24 hours. Or schedule a call here


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San Francisco CA 94105


(+1) 415 530 1557

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